Friday, 20 September 2013

The Best Motorola DP2400 earpiece

Well, dear readers, here it really is, the final of the 5-part series on 2 way radio earpieces.

We have thrown completely random pop-culture references at you (all from ‘Wacky Races’ to 007 himself) and we’ve (hopefully) had a number of laughs amongst all the dry details and data. If you’ve read all of these items so far, then thanks, we value your time.

Okay, so the final point on our list is that Dp 2400 earpiece, which is the costliest earpiece we have viewed so far, albeit by only £2. The Dp 2400 earpiece, then, (for those amongst you who haven’t been keeping count) can be bought from Earpieceonline for £29.75.

For your hard-earned cash, you have a 6-month malfunction warranty (always a wanted and valued feature), also as the brilliant little earpiece, all things deliberated.

The DP2400 earpiece includes extra-long Kevlar strengthened cabling (though it is unlikely that the cable will interrupt a bullet, we’re just telling you that now), as well as the rotating sprung clothing clip, which is a genuine development on that more stationary design (although you most likely can’t break out that Sumo suit just yet) and an excellent seperate microphone.

The sound quality is extremely, pleasant plus the earpiece itself is usually robust and tough. With this earpiece, you’ll manage to hear any order evidently and cleanly.

The Dp 2400 earpiece also features a multipin plug, however the plug is only made to fit the Motorola DP2400 and DP2600 series. It’ll not work on the DP3400 or DP4800 series, which strictly restricts its appeal in this area, as it renders the Dp 2400 earpiece less versatile than the other, cheaper models on the list.

By and large, this is a very good earpiece certainly. Performance wise, though, there is not a lot to choose from between any to those earpieces featured on the list, they all are superiority products and none will let you down.

The DP2400 earpiece is the genuine, reliable product that does a superb job and doesn’t hurt your bank account. What more can you ask for?

…Thus our series finishes. However, we hope that you’ve found this series educational and helpful to you. With all the importance we place on 2 way radios (across the assorted outposts of the little multimedia empire), it seemed overdue when we focussed a little bit on the peripherals. Glad you could join us. For more information on the DP2400 earpiece visit

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