Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Two-Way Radios in High Security

These are troubling times for our nation and indeed for the world at large. Our little corner of the history books will be blighted by a global recession and civil unrest as political opportunists fan the flames of religious and racial tensions. In the midst of all this turbulence, there’s us, the regular people, caught up in the middle of the maelstrom.

In a world fraught with buzzwords like ‘terrorism’ ‘counter-terrorism’ ‘contamination’ ‘organized crime’ and ‘data theft’, its easy to feel like you’re always at risk, only ever one diplomatic blunder or power hungry madman away from World War 3. In such a world, an increase in security is often felt to be the only way to achieve peace of mind. Enter the world’s high security professionals.

Whether providing security for public figures, guarding prominent buildings, patrolling national boundaries or keeping the Internet safe from hackers, high security is an enormous and varied industry that demands much from its workers. Public and private security firms are stretched to deal with all the issues and potential problems that they have to tackle.

Fortunately, two way radios and security earpieces make their work a lot easier. The same type of radios that are used by the military can be affordably purchased by the security services, as and when needed.

These radios are rugged and durable, they can withstand almost any weather type and they have strong, long lasting batteries that allow for hours of field work. Two-way radios are by far the quickest and most reliable form of portable communication, not as clumsy as a pager or as temperamental as a phone. In addition, two-way radios are incredibly easy to use, meaning that training is a doddle.

Working alongside state-of-the-art surveillance technology, non-lethal weaponry and bleeding edge computer security programs, the simple, effective (and simply effective) two-way radio is still the security services first and finest friend.

Whether on foot or in vehicles, whether standing guard or co-ordinating the efforts of a team, two-way radios are an absolutely indispensable part of the high security industry, making them a vital component of the nation’s peace of mind.

You’ll find two-way radios helping to keep secure our data centres, cash warehouses, government buildings, military bases, secure storage facilities and even more sites than we have the space to name.

The world may be a conflicted, sometimes frightening place, but the high security workers around the globe are helping us to sleep at night and using two-way radios to do it. 

Review Of The Motorola SL4000 Radio

There continue to be an ideal many jobs that require two way radios instead of phones. Any time you’ll want to make contact with someone, clearly and rapidly, you’ll be focusing on a radio over a mobile. Also, for ensuring that everybody has access to the same transmittion and that they’ll always be contactable, a two way radio is certainly the way to go. From working as the bouncer, to working on a building site, from site work to military manoeuvres, walkie talkies are an indispensable part of many working environments.

The leading two way radio brand name is Motorola, so, with that in mind, we have great expectations for this SL4000, let us see how it presents.


The Motorola sl4000 is designed with discretion in mind. Tiny, slim, sleek and lightweight, this radio device is great for speaking with others, quietly and unobtrusively. It weighs the equivalent as the standard smart phone.

However, regardless of its petite build, the SL4000 is a very commanding two way radio, able to transmit and receive over a surprisingly broad range. Because of this, it’s clear that this 2 way radio is best suited to utilizes like airports, motels, security, hospitality and anyplace else that a large, armed forces style two-way communication is perhaps a little bit clear for the tasks at hand.
It also is included with built-in Bluetooth, a special ‘covert mode’ and smart audio.


It’s certainly not the lowest priced 2 way radio on the market. However, it has been created specially for business use and will be judged on those virtues. The Sl4000 radio is most definitely not just a ‘hobby’ radio, nor is it a radio that is meant for amusement in any way. This is a dependable, top of the line radio that has been created for hotel/airport/security/public service staff and has spared no expense in the process. The cost is what it truly is, but you will get what you pay for.
The first thing we noticed concerning the SL4000 is just how smart it really is. We were set for a pleasant, little walkie talkie, obviously, however it really is a surprising design. In reality, at first glance, you could easily mistake it for a circa-early 2000’s phone.
The Motorola sl4000 has a amazing array of connectivity options, including a USB port for programming and charging, in addition to an choice to charge upright inside a charger, or simply disconnect the battery and charge it independently. The battery alone, by the way, is only slightly larger than a mobile phone battery.
The screen is crystal clear and a cell phone-style menu screen allows you to choose your particular talk group. In reality, there is a menu screen for just about everything, it is clear that this is a more urban, more cosmopolitan two way radio than nearly all of its peers. It will even create ‘text messages’.

The audio quality is very good certainly (even using the miniature speakers) and you’ll have no problem communicating between this and some other radio device.

The only downside we could find is that it only handles digital, not analogue. Still, that really is not the end of the world lately, is it?


This walkie talkie could be a very bad option for ‘Operation Desert Storm’, but as a more unobtrusive, contemporary style of radio, it is perfectly suited to the purposes that it is intended.
Sophisticated, modern, tidy and completely smooth to operate, the Motorola sl4000 is a genuine winner. This is a bit like the supple younger sister of that DP3600, cooler, smarter, sexy and downright charming – an incredible product and a substantial step forward in urban radio technology as well.

Once again, Motorola supply a fine product, but this time it is a little far from their typical fare. Still, they thrive with aplomb, creating what’s quite possibly the very best model of its type around.